Under the Sun

by Evan's Dilemma

Released 2018
Released 2018
Infectious and passionate alternative rock / pop with passionate vibes and anthemic hooks.
Under The Sun is Evan’s Dilemma's sophomore release 12 years after their debut release of Shine Baby Shine in 2006. Evan's Dilemma takes their alternative rock pop to a new level with this release fusing their guitar riffs, catchy melodies, driving rhythms, keyboard and ethereal sounds to the mix.

Song Order:
1. Chambers
2. Into Your Glory
3. Doctor No
4. Brothers And Sisters
5. Earth Song
6. Under The Sun
7. Be A Little Better
8. Complicated, Etc
9. Dreamer
10. Ba Ba Ba Ba
11. Sunrise

Evan’s Dilemma is:
Joel McCreight – Lead Vocal, Guitars, and Keyboards
Kevin Heuer – Drums and Percussion
Matthew McCreight – Bass, Keyboards, Guitars, and Backing Vocals
Jay Scott – Guitars and Backing Vocals

Produced by Joel McCreight
Mastered by Mike Horner
Recorded, Engineered, Edited, and Mixed by Joel McCreight
Co-production, recording, engineering, editing and mixing assistance by Matthew McCreight
Mixing assistance, consulting, and piano on “Sunrise” by Mike Horner
Mix and production consulting by Julian Kindred at Nonsuch Park Studio
Additional mixing assistance and consulting by Brad Phillips at Studio 101
Recorded and mixed at EDMOJO Music Studio in Greenville, SC October 2016 – October 2018

Art Direction and Design by Anthony Collins for SUPERMOON Photography – Design
Photography by Anthony Collins for SUPERMOON Photography - Design
Original Cover Illustration by Phillip McCreight
All songs written by Joel McCreight, copyright 2018 - SESAC/EDMOJO MUSIC except:
“Into Your Glory” words by Joel McCreight and Kyle Dutton, music by Joel McCreight; copyright 2018
“Be A Little Better” words by Joel McCreight and Music by Joel McCreight and Matthew McCreight; copyright 2018
“Earth Song” words and music by Michael Johns, as performed by Fluffy, copyright 1991
“Ba Ba Ba Ba” words and music by Michael Roe, Gene Mascoli, and Dave Saterlee as performed by the Seventy Sevens, copyright 1984 Sangre Productions, Word Music LLC, Dayspring Music, And Western Sierra Music. License #73229

Kevin Heuer is endorsed by Natal Drums

“Chambers” is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend and brilliant composer T. Mark Chambers (1969-2017)