Evan's Dilemma

Evan’s Dilemma (ED) originally started in the fall of 1990 in Greenville, SC by drummer Kevin Heuer and singer/guitarist/principle songwriter Joel McCreight. The two had become friends after previously forming a band called The Promise with brothers Drue and Scott Bachmann. The band was one of the earliest power pop alternative rock bands in Upstate of South Carolina. ED played local and regional shows and eventually relocated to Knoxville Tennessee in 1993. After five years of skirting with record labels, performing with other bands such as Collective Soul, The Judybats, Deadeye Dick, and Superdrag, and others; as well as, recording several demos including being produced and managed by Armand John Petri (Goo Goo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs), Evan’s Dilemma went on hiatus and members were pulled into other directions and musical endeavors starting with the reunion and collaboration with Drue Bachmann to form My Friend Stephanie in 1995.

Evan's Dilemma's original guitar-driven power pop/rock takes influence from both classic and newer artists such as Big Star, Husker Du, Bob Mould, Sugar, The Replacements, U2, Beatles, The 77's, The Neigborhoods, REM, Goo Goo Dolls, Midnight Oil, Matthew Sweet, The Posies, Weezer, The Cars, Oasis, Pixies, The Cure, XTC, The Smiths, Morrissey, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, The Church, The Choir, Rush, Switchfoot, Coldplay, The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson.

After recording “Makeover” album and touring with My friend Stephanie, McCreight, joined Christian rock group Geoff Moore and the Distance. During his three-year tenure with the band, McCreight co-wrote the Grammy Nominated album “Threads” (Forefront 1997) that achieved 3 number one hits and other top forty placements on Christian rock radio.  Also, after playing in the Distance and Geoff Moore solo, McCreight also became the guitarist for award winning, critically acclaimed artist, Jennifer Knapp.  With his most notable contribution to Knapp of performing on the dc Talk “Supernatural” Tour in 1999.  McCreight also was previously a member of JAG, another Christian rock band in the late 80s/early 90s with some touring and on the album “The Longest Road” produced by Billy Smiley and released in 1990.

After leaving Evan's Dilemma and My Friend Stephanie, Kevin Heuer joined Athens-based Vigilantes of Love (VOL) and recorded and released Summer Shine in 2000. While in his tenure with VOL, he also toured America and Europe and played a number of musical festivals. Kevin also has been a drum instructor and active as a drummer for theatrical productions.

Evan's Dilemma reformed in 2005 and recorded and released a new full length CD “Shine Baby Shine” in June 2006. After one year of writing and pre-production, it was finally recorded and mixed at Edwin McCain's Studio 6 / OMG in Greenville, SC. For 5 years Evan’s Dilemma performed select concert dates and went on a 5 second hiatus in fall of 2010 until finally reuniting in fall of 2015 to start playing live and plan and write for a new album.

Some of the former members in ED over the years have included long time member Chris Ebert (bass and guitar), Steve McGowan (bass), Tommy Allen (bass), Mike Horner (keyboards and guitar), Clint Link (Drums), and Jeremy Apel (bass).

Current members besides Joel McCreight (Vocals and guitar) and Keving Heuer (drums), include Jay Scott (Guitar) and Matthew McCreight (bass and keys).  Scott, who joined in 2005 and played on “Shine Baby Shine” is a natural born rocker with a lot of experience, great tone, good attitude and an axe to grind. The most recent addition to ED is McCreight’s son, Matthew McCreight, who after years of inheriting his Dad’s musical genes and working on his craft, replaced bassist Chris Ebert as a permanent member of the band. 

Currently, Evan’s Dilemma is starting to book more live shows and are working on a new album with a working title of “Under the Sun” with hopes to be released in late 2017.